October 30, 2020 2 min read

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We are in the confines of our home, surrounded, not by a crowd of unknown people but our thoughts. We are faced with surfacing ideas that are seeking an opportunity to flourish. There is no place to hide as each day brings a new set of challenges. Businesses find themselves in a dark place, looking for that one ray of relief. We spoke to millennial favorite, designer, Vincent (Vince) Tomé on how small businesses, especially those that have recently ventured out, can make sense of the chaos and flourish and adapt during these uncertain times. Vince shared his insights.

An opportunity to leave behind inhibitions and fears

Only a few months back, the world was at its competitive best. A small business with no concrete funding or history would have struggled. With a global healthcare crisis, nature has brought us all back to square one. We have the opportunity to start anew, learn from our past, and reach out to customers with what they really need. Vince explained, “Not very long ago; I had some stumbling setbacks. I learned, adapted, and surmounted those setbacks. Similarly, COVID-19 is another hurdle, one that will teach us new lessons. Embrace it and evolve!”

Time to contemplate, re-strategize and re-assess

Rather than sitting back with folded hands, this time calls for accelerated strategizing. To assess what didn’t work earlier and why it didn’t. Vince elucidated, “Use this time to find your purpose and fuel your ideas. Analyze your skill sets, weaknesses, and experiment as you grow. From my days in college, I knew I wanted to create something that could ease the anxiety in their daily lives.” The world has changed more in the last few months than it has in a long time. It is essential to absorb this change, sail with it, and open our minds to new avenues for growth, expansion, and success.

Vince TomePhoto Credit: Vince Tome

As an entrepreneur, you are always in the driver’s seat

Vince explained, “Crisis or no crisis; where you take your business is always in your hands. We, as individuals, can navigate our business at a pace that we choose.” The biggest strength of an entrepreneur is having control. As entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to remain flexible, think on our feet, and adapt to changing circumstances. During COVID-19, several leading brands and corporates are pivoting to accommodate to the sudden change in the market scenario. Vince believes that businesses need to stay sharp, proactive, and compassionate during the pandemic.

Continue pursuing your dreams, even when no one’s watching

Real growth means choosing to develop habits and the skills that you will need in the future. During the lockdown and quarantine, how you choose to spend your time can define your future. Vince added, “Its essential to stay positive and spend your time constructively. Humanity will beat the pandemic, and the world shall prevail. Plan towards a brighter future now!”

Vince Tome

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