October 30, 2020 2 min read

design. He keeps design in mind in all aspects of work and life. From his e-commerce business selling luxury watches and accessories to his cabinetry company, design is at the core of Tomé’s approach.

First and foremost, Tomé is a talented designer and entrepreneur. He owns D & V Customs, which predominantly designs custom closets and furniture for homes located all over South Florida. “Custom closets help people save space and become more organized,” Tomé said. He elaborated, “They don’t have to take up all the space in their bedrooms with bulky furniture. Our designs are customized to help create a seamless storage experience.”

Tomé is also passionate about designing luxurious watches, wallets, and accessories for both everyday people and celebrities alike for his company called Vincenzö Collections. Tomé explained, “I’ve worked with several celebrities who love the design of our products. Design is the most important aspect of my work, followed by utility, functionality, and affordability.” He has catered to and worked with celebrities like Jeremy Cash of the Arizona Cardinals, former Playboy model Viviana Castrillon, UFC fighter Luciana Andrade, Jacob Hollister of the New England Patriots, and Miami Dolphins cheerleader Vera Almedia amongst others.

Merging design with innovation, his product, the Luxe Smart Wallet, is both a stylish wallet and a power bank. It’s made from synthetic vegan materials and has space for both the sleek battery pack and all of your essentials. “Its minimalistic design is probably the coolest thing about it,” Tomé said. “You don’t have to worry about carrying around a bulky wallet that doesn’t suit your style. Both men and women can carry it and look stylish while still getting full functionality from their device.” He feels the same way about his cabinet business. His creations are functional as well as stunning, but he still offers them at affordable prices.

Tomé is dedicated to designing the best products he can. He is constantly innovating to create products that are stunning, useful, and economical. According to Tomé, sophisticated designs do not need to be absurdly expensive. He remains focused on scaling Vincenzö Collection and D & V Customs while keeping stellar designs at the core of his product lines.

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