October 31, 2020 2 min read

The world of travel essentials has changed drastically. From the type of luggage we use to the devices we carry, and even the way we pack, the art of traveling has changed, as does the way we prepare. With so much technology at our fingertips and much of it necessary for an enjoyable travel experience, our accessories should complement that need on our trips. One very stylish entrepreneur Vince Tome is making that happen with his unique smart travel wallet.

The smart travel wallet is the cornerstone of Vincenzo Collection – a collection of intelligent, edgy, and stylish accessories for the modern hustler. Designed by Tome himself, Vincenzo Collection serves a base of busy and forward-thinking clients who do not have time for traveler’s stress. “Travel can come with a lot of anxiety,” explains Tome. “The whole point of the smart wallet was to design something that took that anxiety away and let people focus on what they were traveling for, whether it be business or pleasure.”

Tome’s smart wallet is sleek and modern. It is a perfect size for traveling, holding all the essentials while not being bulky like traditional wallets, but the best part of the smart wallet is the hidden charger. “Vincenzo Collection client travels the globe, and this can mean long travel days,” says Vince. “This wallet allows for quick charging of any device, including tablets and phones, so that they can stay connected 24×7.”

“Because we live in such a digitally connected world, extending the battery life of our phones is essential when we are traveling,” says Vince. “Imagine being in an unfamiliar place, delayed, or canceled, and your phone battery runs out. The smart wallet eliminates that problem.”

A favorite with entrepreneurs, travelers, professionals, and influencers alike, the smart wallet is solving a massive problem for people on-the-go. It’s no wonder it’s gotten a ton of notice. “It’s one of our top sellers in the collection,” explains Vince. Along with the smart wallet, the rest of the collection can be found on Instagram @vincenzocollection. As the smart wallet continues to eliminate anxiety for travelers, the collection is also taking the world by storm.

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