October 31, 2020 2 min read

As the Executive Director and Owner of Vincenzo and D&V Customs, Vince Tome knows a thing or two about emerging trends. As for his entrepreneurial endeavors, the former is an e-commerce venture specializing in luxury watches and accessories, while the latter is a collaboration with his father – Dennis Tome, offering custom cabinetry and closet solutions. Here, Vince shares his picks for the most unique and creative design ideas in the year ahead.

Luxé Smart Wallet

So practical and sleek, this travel accessory for smart people provides easy phone charging and a place to keep money while on the go. Featuring a sturdy 4,000mAh battery, the wallet can charge both Android and iOS phones in a flash. Made from vegan and synthetic materials, the versatile, unisex product easily stores three credit cards and a few bills in its safe and secure slots and pockets.

Vincenzo Pyrros 

This limited-edition piece in the Vincenzo collection is all things luxury. Pyrros, which means ‘flame like’, is not just a watch but an unrivaled asset that’s rare to find. And then there are the materials: stainless steel caseback, sapphire crystal glass, automatic tourbillion movement, and limited-edition water-resistant feature that give the masterpiece an intense appearance.  Beyond this, the round dial adorned with 24 jewels adds an aesthetic element that demonstrates the creative engineering and innovation involved in it.

Vincenzo Theodora 

The ultimate in Vincenzo collection, Theodora is a new concept for the style-conscious professional athletes. For those who look closely, this statement piece stands out from the crowd through its innovative design, refined style, elegant bracelet shades, and unrivaled craftsmanship. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, Theodora is more than a watch or a piece of an accessory – it’s an emblem of experience.

Unique Custom Closets

D&V Customs provides the ideal, custom closet solutions. A third-generation craftsman, Vince creates embedded closet systems along with his father. The highly skilled team is known for transforming any plain closet into an impressive storage space. Best of all, each offering matches the personalized preferences of clients, and always delivers the best possible closet design for the given area.

Out-and-Out Custom Cabinetry

With the increasing craze of custom-made furniture and stores, D&V Customs is ready with its range of cabinetry options to match any space and setting. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there is a fresh and creative option for all tastes. Best of all, clients can get their dream cabinetry set up in no time.

In the end, Vince Tome places great emphasis on creating products that are minimalistic and modern. With an eye for innovation, this influencer truly enjoys sharing his observations about design with others.

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